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Supporting people who want more nourishing relationships.

Body-Centered Trauma Therapy • Embodied Relational Healing • Somatic Movement Therapy

Embodied Relational Healing — “Tender care for deep hurts.”

You don't need to change.

What you need is whole-hearted transformation.

If you knew how to change your life, you'd do it. No one wants to struggle or suffer anymore than they are.

Most of the time when we try to change, we just end up rearranging our old coping strategies. You end up trying harder to get the same results.

The reason change doesn't work is we try to do it in our head. We change how we think. We recite new beliefs. We cheer for change.

But the moment stress crosses the line (you know the one), you drop right back to surviving and coping. Just like you've always done.

What's going on?

You can't change on your own, all alone. In fact, trying to change alone is the problem.

How you live is
rooted in your body, far below your head. And your embodied life is rooted in your earliest relationships and interactions.

Before there were any words or thoughts, you implicitly learned what to expect, and how to survive and adapt.

Maybe your basic needs were covered—but little more—leaving you with a lingering lack of affection to the degree that your relationships today feel hopelessly empty. Though you don't expect it, deep down you yearn for love.

Maybe things were so chaotic that you took take care of other's needs at the expense of your own. Today, you know how to manage other people’s feelings and get things done, but you're closed off to the care and support your heart longs to receive from others.

Maybe you've survived great hurt and found the resilience to persevere. But now those traumatic experiences and feelings are returning and you can't afford for them to take over your life. You're on the verge of asking for the help you know you need. You're afraid if you don't get the help you need, your life will fall apart.

These patterns are timeless. They're held in your body. And they resist change as they're literally wired within your brain and nervous system.

But these patterns can transform. It takes great heart, but with gentleness and persistence,
you can transform and heal. This may sound outrageous, but it’s possible.

Click here to read about Gentle & Outrageous Transformation.

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To find out how I can support you to have more nourishing relationships, contact me for a complimentary 60 minute session at mfotto@mac.com or call 503-309-3142.

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